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Robyn Courchane

Simply put....I LOVE SHAREPOINT!
I designed my first website in 2001 using HTML and am amazed at how far we've come since then. When my company decided to implement MOSS in 2007, they were looking for someone to take the reigns and run with it. At that time, I had only heard of SharePoint in passing because we were using SharePoint Services 2.0 as a client library collaboration point. I had no idea of the power and versatility of the product. Because I enjoyed my web design projects and since I have an innate desire to organize, SharePoint seemed to be a logical fit. Our lone client library morphed into a full implementation of MOSS 2007 complete with department sites, team sites, workflows and oh-so-much-more.
More complex applications were soon becoming required so I reached back to my programming days and learned how to develop web parts using C#. I found that my concrete-sequential mind was perfectly suited for designing workflows using SharePoint Designer. Not long after that, I was providing professional services to our customers who were looking for assistance with their own SharePoint implementations. I started creating web forms using InfoPath and connecting them with web services and SQL tables to provide powerful line of business applications that save our customers time and (of course) money.
The release SharePoint 2010 was an exciting time with tighter integration to other Microsoft Office products, and vast improvements to the developer tools available. I created my first SilverLight applications for customers who needed more complex analysis of their SharePoint list content.
SharePoint 2013 provides even more functionality and opportuntity for businesses to automate processes and collaborate on content.  LightSwitch has been enhanced and looks to also be a nice time saving tool in development efforts.
And now you're here, visiting my personal Microsoft Office 365 site. For me, the timing of Office 365 was perfect. I hosted my previous site using Yahoo Business and my contract was about to expire. Even though I did like my WordPress blog more than the previous SharePoint Blog version, my recent public site upgrade to the new SharePoint has me busy migrating my blog content to the new public site a feature which we Office 365 users were clammoring for in recent years.
So, take a look around, I'll constantly be adding more content and hopefully you'll come to enjoy SharePoint as much as I do.